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The Zulu design pole stood with the Tommy pole at the very birth of the first-class eLITE series. Top lighting poles with excellent utility properties made of durable, noble material are, after all, very similar. At the same time, Tommy has both brackets at the same height, and the Zulu pole has its brackets located at different heights on opposite sides. At the customer's request, we can place them at an angle of 90 ° and different heights.


The Zulu poles' high-quality built-in LED modules reduce light pollution and are easily adjustable and replaceable. We can prepare, on request, a durable pole shaft for various equipment such as USB ports and environmental sensors.


We offer ZULU poles at heights from 4 to 6 meters, but we can, of course, adapt them just for you. These lighting poles are available in both embedded and flanged versions, and you can choose their colour from a wide range of RAL chart.

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