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A discerning group of three KH lighting poles was created for the renewal of the Breüerovy sady park under the Italian Court in Kutná Hora. The initial idea of placing three poles groups around the central fountain was born in the architectural studio D4Z, which designed the entire renovation of the park. We overcame several pitfalls during the project, together with the architect Ondřej Kubík, and now we can safely say that the materialization of the original ideas succeeded.


Like other eLITE poles, KH poles have integrated LED modules that quickly set the light temperature and intensity. On request, we can adjust the angle of the bracket, the height of the pole. We can prepare a KH lighting pole for mounting various equipment such as WIFI, USB ports, environmental sensors and the like. Thanks to our original design, you can also incorporate a replaceable bracket into your plans for visionary projects, which sits on the shaft as a shell. Still, it is straightforward to replace it with another. You can choose the height of the poles in the range of 3 to 6 meters and select the colour from the RAL chart.


The charming KH lighting poles with built-in luminaires add a unique atmosphere to parks, historic city centres and modern residential areas. These timeless poles will captivate passers-by even in daylight with their discreet but unusual design. In addition, they dazzle with their well-thought-out beauty as solitary solitaires.

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