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Technology in the pole

This robust pole contains a load of state-of-the-art electronic equipment. Inside it has enough space for cables; it wears a durable surface with an unlimited range of colours on the outside. It represents a solution for smart cities, residential complexes, and industrial areas to perform various functions and tasks.


Intelligent LED lighting is built directly into the mast. Thanks to the motion sensor and the function of automatic dimming, it significantly reduces the energy and financial demands of the operation of the public lighting pole.


The environmental module measures environmental conditions in urban areas. The device consists of 9 independent sensors that indicate air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, light and dust particles. Furthermore, the column can measure concentrations of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide in the air.


The online security camera with remote control enables continuous monitoring of the monitored area, and it is thus possible to react immediately to the risk situations.


WI-FI hotspot allows non-stop internet connection in the range of up to 50 meters depending on the surrounding conditions and terrain.


The charging station is integrated into the mast shaft and allows you to quickly charge your electric car or e-bike. The "Mennekes" socket is standard on most European electric vehicles.


The information display enables control, setting and presentation of individual mast functionalities. It provides traffic information, commercial and non-commercial communications following the interests of the municipality and the operator.


The automatic control system sets, monitors, and manages all the "smart" functionalities of the mast and transmits the data to the control centre, where it is then available for further use depending on the operator's specific requirements.

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