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Charging station

We prepare a durable casing for charging stations; we provide equipment according to the customer's wishes with our partners. However, customers often equip their posts with their own equipment.


For example, this ALPHA charging pole makes it easy to charge your electric car or e-bike thanks to the integrated charging station in the pole body. We had it equipped with a Mennekes-type socket, which is standard on most European electric cars.


The charging interface of this column is optional between IEC62196-2 type II Mennekes and the AC plug.


The maximum charging power is 22 kW, the main supply has 230 Vac, 400 Vac +/- 400Vac.


The degree of protection of the charging station depends on the type of enclosure and can be IP34, IP44 or IP54.


Optional communication via LAN, WI-FI or LTE, optional communication protocols OCPP (1.2; 1.5) and more.

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