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The stylish Lima pole is a neat, regular L-shaped pole. Its sharp lines stand out perfectly because of its high-quality square profile. Thanks to a single bracket with an integrated first-class LED module, it is suitable along roads, cycle paths and sidewalks, in short, wherever there is no need to illuminate the opposite side. The installation of an energy-saving LED module reduces light pollution. It is also possible to easily adjust the light's colour and intensity and thus support the natural human biorhythm.


The Lima pole offers unexpected customization options. You can design your own bracket angle with us, or we can make the bracket for you so that it is replaceable and attaches to the pole shaft using a sophisticated mechanism. We can prepare a stable pole shaft for mounting with any equipment such as USB ports or various environmental sensors.


We generally produce this pole at heights from 3 to 6 meters, but we can adapt it to your needs. You can choose between embedded and flanged designs. Lima poles can be in any colour from the wide range of the RAL chart.

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