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The dazzling Seven pole in the shape of an Arabian Seven is slightly curved. The square profile of the shaft is visually pleasing and is suitable for both beautiful squares and open spaces in parks and gardens, where its unique, elegant bend stands out. The originally shaped bracket has a built-in LED module with low energy consumption and, thanks to the precise focusing of the luminous flux, significantly reduces light pollution. You can easily adjust the intensity and colour of the light, which can substantially support the natural daily rhythm of the inhabitants.


Like other poles of the eLITE series, the original Seven lighting pole offers the option of preparing for fitting out equipment at the customer's request. These can be USB ports, cameras or environmental sensors to control the luminaire and the like.


We produce the Seven lighting poles only in a flanged design at heights from 3 to 6 meters. You can choose the colour of the pole from the wide range of RAL chart.

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