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The charging station

We prepare a durable casing for charging poles, and we provide equipment according to the customer's wishes with our partners. However, customers often install the equipment into the column themselves.


For example, this Bravo charging column allows you to quickly charge your electric car or e-bike thanks to the integrated charging station in the pole body. We had it equipped with a Mennekes-type socket, which is standard on most European electric cars.


The maximum mounting of this column is 2 x IEC 62196-2 type II Mennekes and 2 x 230V / 16A.


Power supply system 3NPE-50Hz-400V / TNS.


The installed power input can be up to 48 kW, and the input fuse of the charging station is from 25 to 80 A.


The protection of the charging station is IP 44. The short-circuit resistance is ten kA.

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