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Timeless India Round Double lighting poles are as graceful as India Round poles, but you can fix two luminaires of your choice on them. By choosing their colour and height, you can highlight their unmistakable silhouette and make any place very special. Or, conversely, you will choose a less conspicuous tone, and the poles will be completely discreetly directing the attention of passers-by to cultural monuments or historical sites because the lights fixed to the India Round Double poles will illuminate the desired highlights perfectly. In any case, with these lighting columns, you will always appreciate their beneficial properties combined with first-class design at a favourable price. You can't go wrong with India Round Double poles when lighting any public space.


We will produce India Round Double lighting poles for you in an embedded or flanged version. You can choose a standard height between 3 and 5 meters and, of course, select a colour from the waste offer of the RAL chart. We can tailor the pole just for you.

Total plainness

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